“You took the Risk to Achieve the Dream.”


Remember that dream? The one you had when you first decided to go into business? The one where you became impossibly successful and helped others achieve their dreams as well?

It’s still there and you are still here to deliver it.

But achieving that dream did become hard.  COVID–19 is the current crisis but so was 9/11, 2008, the death of a loved one, and a ton of other things you could not predict would have such an impact.  The dream is hard to achieve. 

If it wasn’t, everyone would do it.

But you did do it.  You took the risks, you put in the hard work, you put in the nights and weekends and you put together the team and resources to make it happen.

You took the Risk to Achieve the Dream.


So what about the risk?

In my experience, the Entrepreneur is not a risk taker but a wide-eyed realist. There is always some risk but the Entrepreneur has usually done everything possible to minimize the risk and where they cannot do so further, at least to understand and address it.

The risk is greatest in inaction.  

The risk is a dream deferred or never achieved.

The risk of obsolescence is far greater than failing.

And you aren’t a failure.


The Dream threatened. The Risk increased.

The Fight is on!


Time to get a little angry, fix your resolve, and come out of your corner swinging.

Time to Achieve…with a little help.

I’m in this with you, as are a million other small business owners.  You will need tools and advice, empathy and humility. 

We all do.

We did not pick this fight but we do want to win it.

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